Magnetic Formulations & Bionanotechnology Lab

Our lab focuses on developing magnetic field responsive nanoplatforms and nanoconstructs via innovative miniaturization strategies and uses wet-chemistry approaches to endow them with colloidal stability in relevant physiological media. We assess their cytotoxicity in vitro and in vivo and their potential as therapeutic agents in magneto-mechanical actuation to treat cancer, and as contrast agents in MRI to diagnose cancer. Our multidisciplinary approach involves a wide range of expertise from biophysics, materials science, wet chemistry and biomagnetism to health sciences and nanomedicine.


National Maglab
National High Magnetic Field Lab
UNC Lineberger
Research Triangle Nanotechnology Network
  • Research Triangle Nanotechnology Network (RTNN)
  • National High Magnetic Field Lab, AMRIS User Facility Grant (2018-2021)
  • Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award (2020)
  • National Science Foundation Innovation Corps, NC State I-Corps Site Award (2020)
  • East Carolina University, Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Award (2020)
  • East Carolina University, THCAS Faculty Conference Award (2020)
  • UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, Pilot Grant Program (2018-2019)
  • US Army Research Lab, Army Research Office Grant (2017)
  • Ohio University, Nanoscale and Quantum Phenomena Institute Grant (2017)
  • National High Magnetic Field Lab, AMRIS User Facility Grant (2014-2017)
  • National High Magnetic Field Lab, AMRIS Visiting Scholar Grant (2016)
  • North Carolina Biotechnology Center (NCBC, 2023)