Dr. Francis A.M. Manno

Assistant Professor

Office Location: Austin 115
Telephone: (252) 328-2029
Email: mannof22@ecu.edu
Center for Imaging Science at JHU

Postdoctoral Fellow, Neuroimaging and machine learning, Johns Hopkins University

PhD in Physics and Materials, City University of Hong Kong, 2021

PhD in Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2019

Research Associate

Itza Sanchez Moncada

Dr. Manno is a new faculty member with his lab setup and certification projected for the end of 2023. Dr. Manno is currently recruiting new MSc, PhD and Postdocs. Please email for details.


My research at ECU will dovetail between three distinct interrelated fields using MRI as the foundational technology for modeling human disease (hearing loss, environmental enrichment and Alzheimer’s Disease). In hearing loss, we will explore rodent models to develop structural probabilistic maps using machine learning and genetics. Here we will establish neuroimaging templates which can be used for assessing the impact to the brain throughout the lifespan. In humans, I will use endophenotypic templates of hearing loss ascertained by structural MRI T1 images in a population wide cross-sectional survey to determine confounding variables and predictors. The aim here is to ascertain covariates which may reduce the severity of hearing loss across the lifespan. Some of the aforementioned variables are linked to environmental enrichment; therefore, in rodent models we will construct different environments which impact the brain to determine how they affect rodent models with hearing loss. Lastly, Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is known to be confounded by hearing loss; therefore, my research will attempt to use rodent models of AD to discern the influence of hearing loss progression contributing to the neuropathology in dementia. My work at ECU will concentrate on MRI imaging defined phenotypes to reveal features in humans and in rodent models that can ameliorate disease.


Dr. Francis A.M. Manno studied biology and psychology (A.B.) at a small liberal arts school in Virginia (VWC), molecular biology at New York University (MSc), Scuba Diving in México and has a Master Captains License from the USCG. He completed his first Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Neuroimaging and a second PhD in Physics and Applied Materials Sciences. Dr. Manno was a T32 NIH Postdoctoral Fellow from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communications Disorders (award 2T32DC000023-36A1). Dr. Manno is directing a multisite collaboration concerning the genetic alterations related to the cortical manifestations in hearing loss.


Courses Taught

  • PHYS 1250 General Physics I


1 November 2023 — The Neuroimaging Lab headed Dr. Manno was awarded a grant from ONR DOD #N000142412027 for $648,000.00 for a collaboration between ECU and A Time for Science (partnered with NC Museum of Natural Sciences).

The program called LAB R.A.T.S. (Research and Advancements in Technology and Science) will serve middle school students through after-school programming that exposes them to researchers, scientists, and employees in STEM fields from all over eastern NC, along with a chance to work with the technology utilized in these professions.

9 February 2024 — The Neuroimaging Lab, Doctoral and Master students, Ao Bo and Xuan Wang, respectively, were awarded Finalists for their project at the Department of Medicine and the Whiting School of Engineering Retreat at The Johns Hopkins University.