Graduate Degree Programs

The Department of Physics offers the following degree programs:

Students need to apply for one concentration; successful applicants are admitted to that concentration. Only MS students in the Medical Physics concentration graduate from the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs (CAMPEP) accredited program track. Concentrations are reflected in academic transcripts and all officially issued documents from the registrar. Information about all degree program concentrations as well as the application process is given below.

Please contact Dr. Michael Dingfelder (Assistant Chair for Graduate Studies; Program Director for the MS in Physics and PhD in Biomedical Physics) for more information or help in addressing specific questions.

General Information

The Department of Physics in general only admits incoming students for the Fall semesters. The Graduate School at East Carolina University handles all aspects of graduate applications and admissions. In addition to deadlines and admissions requirements, the Graduate School also provides a catalog, as well as information relevant to

The application deadline as a new student for the Fall semester is March 1. Successful applicants are normally contacted starting in the last week of March. Late applications are screened periodically until all available places are filled.

Besides the required documents from the Graduate School (English language tests, if applicable, and academic transcripts), we request in addition

  • three letters of recommendation,
  • a personal statement explaining why the applicant wants to be admitted to our graduate program, and
  • a current curriculum vitae (CV).

All additional documents can be submitted electronically during the application process.

Starting Fall 2021, we no longer require general GRE scores for applications. However, if scores are available, then we recommend they be submitted with your application.