Dr. Gregory Lapicki


Office Location: Howell E308
Telephone: (252) 328-6894
Email: lapickig@ecu.edu
Curriculum vitae (PDF)

PhD in Physics, New York University, 1975


Research Projects

Gregory Lapicki compiles and calculates x-ray production cross sections (XRPCS) for protons and other ions that produce x-rays in atomic inner shells.  These XRPCS are required for reliable analyses of elemental composition and concentration of materials as it is done with the particle-induced x-ray emission (PIXE) technique.  He has developed the ECUSAR theory which is in excellent agreement with L-shell XRPCS for protons. In further studies, Lapicki plans to extend this work to K- and M-shell ionizations by protons and heavier ions.

Courses Taught

  • PHYS 1250 General Physics I
  • PHYS 1260 General Physics II
  • PHYS 2360 University Physics II
  • PHYS 3560 Mathematical Methods for Physics
  • PHYS 4226 Mechanics
  • PHYS 4410 Quantum Physics
  • PHYS 5311 Mathematical Physics I
  • PHYS 5410 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
  • PHYS 7110 Mathematics Physics II